Art of the Deal

Episode 4: The Demons Made Me Do it

The grand adventurers have now returned to Kura after finally ridding themselves of Venomheart’s lethal curse, and now, with a new faithful automaton in tow, they have once again set off on the main quest of getting stinking rich.

Upon returning to the city, their associate Xander informed them that there were two viable businesses who expressed interest in the blueprints, as well as a far less credible, though intriguiningly mysterious, stranger who asked to hold a meeting in the lighthouse known as the Lady of Light.

The were promised “an offer you cannot refuse,” and it was everything they could hope for. After a skirmish with demonically-possessed sailors, the group comandeered a paddle boat and made their way to the statue in the dead of night.

To their surprise, the President of Kura awaited them in his secret study in the statue. After much negotiating on behalf of Zubair, not only did they agree on a fair price with President Adric Gryffon, but they also convinced him of Venomheart’s existence and the need to create a research team dedicated to fibding out more about the demons.

As the deal was struck, the lighthouse keeper was taken over by a powerful demon and attacked the group, just as they reached an agreement. The party took on the defensive, as protecting the president became their first priority. Shortly after, an explosion rocked the tower, which began to crumble. Zubair lead an attempt to capture the demon along with Dalbur and their new acquaintance, the Half-Elf bard Taure, but it managed to escape its vessel before apparently being killed by other demons.

Zubair and the others barely managed to escape the crumbling symbol of the city just before it came tumbling down.


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