48 Hours Part 3

Episode 3 The Sentry, The Dragon, and the Mountain

At last, the heroes, along with their newly acquired friends, entered the city of Kura. Exhausted from their arduous journey, the group was happy to find civilization once again. They immediately set out to find the uncle of their companion Zachary Kulight, Alder Kulight. He ran his own library within the city, and supposedly he would know how to end their curse.

At the library, he imparted upon them the knowledge they sought. The curse was meant to test them, to see if they were fit to be vessels for the demon Venomheart. The only way to end their curse, was through a ritual that required a near-death experience. He instructed them to head to the Pinnacle, the tallest of all the peaks on the Stormlit Ridge, where they would take turns holding a lightening rod. There they would perform a ritual with scrolls provided to resurrect them once their hearts had been stopped by lightening.

And so the group made their journey coming across several dangers along the way. At the base of the ridge, they were attacked by animated rocks and trees. They fought them valiantly, and were victorious.

Later, as they neared a tunnel that would lead to their destination, they found Bastion, a partly dismantled East Complexian Sentry who was holding up a large boulder with his remaining strength. Once Zubair had helped secure the boulder, and Willow made some light repairs, Bastion told them the story of how he had ended up there. He said his lord, Oren Halfstaff, had been chasing a dragon to the Stormlit Mountain. A little further down the path, his story was confirmed when they found the crushed remains of the young man.

The dragon responsible was awaiting the party at their destination, and wasn’t very pleased. In an all out battle, they fought the large reptilian fiend, who was ultimately vanquished by Grok’s strength and Willow’s ingenuity. With the dragon out of the picture, they could continue the quest.

In pairs, they went up to the lightening rod, and were shocked at what happened. The spell would show each of them the future should the person they were assigned to became Venomheart’s vessel. All were horrific, but none decided it was best to let their partner die, and so all were successfully cleansed of the demon’s magic. Now they plan on returning to Kura to continue on their main quest of getting filthy rich with Xander.


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