The Singing Stirge

Episode 0 - Origins

All stories must start somewhere. The soon to be heroes were living all across the land, most ignorant of one another’s existence. The first of the two to meet were Zubair Fuboori, the Harrian merchant, and Grok Punch the… orc. The two had been travelling companions for a few years before the party was formed, and would later meet with Dalber Seznet and Willow, a warlock entertainer and an inventor-hopeful. The party had begun to travel to Dragonfall, but decided to stop at the Singing Stirge Inn on the way. It was here they ran into Pyros, a nature-loving Tiefling seeking to escape the judging eyes of others- while making a profit at the same time, of course. Having recognized Grok and Zubair from their time spent in a village near her home, she was convinced to travel with them.

The party would then enter the Stirge, expecting only a good night sleep before continuing on the road to Dragonfall. Fate had other plans for the heroes, however. Zubair, who was always looking to make a profit, managed to strike a bargain with some businessmen who were attempting to sell the blueprints for a steamboat. The party was just about to call it a night before the unthinkable happened. Creatures attacked them from the shadows, killing a few newly-made acquaintances. The adventurers fought long and hard, and finally defeated their foes, saving many of the inn’s patrons in the process.

But as the last shadow creature was struck down, a sinister green flame lit in the center of the building. All the lights went out, and as a harsh green glow cast silhouettes across the floor. A demon who called himself Venomheart appeared before everyone and mocked them, and claimed that he wanted to see the progress their country had made reversed, as it served his needs. One by one, Venomheart placed a curse upon the crew, telling them that in 48 hours, they would die. The group, now concerned but not disheartened, set out immediately, and Zubair managed to convince their new business partners to come with them. It was decided that the group would take the airship. Should they convince its owners to lend it to them, they would make it to their destination much faster than they would by horse. On the way to their destination, their was a conflict between the salesmen. A female businesswoman tried to take the blueprints, though she was quickly subdued by Grok with no more than a terrifying roar. With a bit of ‘convincing’ she told the group that she had been hired by a man named Bartholomew Agathar, who was interested in acquiring the steamboat plans for himself. Thankfully this diversion was brief, and they were back on the road within minutes.

The heroes were left in the very outskirts of Dragonfall within 9 hours of the curse being placed on them, and their new partners asked just who were they, to which Zubair responded, “We are simply Men of Business.” Now, its a race against time to Kura, a town known for its skilled healers. Will they make it?


I shot some crossbow bolts and threw…uh…a chair…
Not the worst time I’ve had at a bar…

The Singing Stirge

“This is such an exciting adventure, my friends! Surely Al Shallad smiles upon us, or else he would not have orchestrated our meeting. Perhaps this Shallum Dee scat Venomheart was right, we are destined for greatness.” – Zubair

The Singing Stirge
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