Gates of Dragonfall

Episode 1 - Welcome to Dragonfall

Our heroes began outside the gates of Dragonfall city, home to the most modern mechanical marvels on the continent. Though the group had at one point intended to part ways within the city, now they were united by a mission – survival. With just 39 hours left to lift the curse cast upon them, the Men of Business needed to get on the dirigible at any cost. So, the group wasted no time getting to the air craft… is what I would like to say. However, as with all heroes of such caliber, there is often a bit of fooling around.

The group was greeted by a pair of mechanical men, who waved their arms and beckoned the adventuring party into the town. They did this for about five minutes, until Willow began to remove pieces from the automatons and render them inoperable. The group, accompanied by their business partners, headed into the city, towards the palace. Ignoring the pleas of the automaton at the gate for them to not enter, the group headed through the palace lawn, towards the castle itself. After Grok used his ax to “coerce” the castle door open, the businessmen ceased to follow them, afraid of what the repercussions might be should they be caught breaking and entering. Only Xander remained.

They would then find themselves interrupting a party hosted by the Baron Targith Telentor, in the absence of Lord and Lady Fennelbane. Attending the party were five guests, including the young priest Zachary Kulight, a successful female inventor, businessman Marcus Monger, the elderly museum curator Sara Serana, and the captain of the dirigible.

Grok, who had slightly misinterpreted instructions given by Zubair, would be seen dragging the dwarf merchant up the nearest stairwell towards the dirigible, followed closely by Pyros and the camel, Dughat. It was quite a sight for the nobles. More surprising was the fact that two of the intruders went right up to the table to have a discussion with them, though after a few moments the stragglers would head up to the dirigible with the rest of their crew, lest they be left behind.

After much confusion and debating, it was decided that the cursed travelers would be allowed to use the airship so long as they could stop to pick up the Lord and Lady in Eastgate on the way. It was agreed, and the voyage through the sky went rather smoothly. That is, until One party member fool-hardily pulled a lever, and then promptly broke it.

The ship was thrown into a spin, releasing over a dozen mechanical spiders from the crates they had been stored in, which began to attack everyone on board. Though the battle was close, and there were very nearly a few casualties on the ship, everyone seemed to pull through. With that taken care of, and those responsible for the fiasco tied up and secured, the party prepared to land in Eastgate, with only 34 hours on the clock.


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